“Premedical Bridge Course”

“Premedical Bridge Course”


Students awaiting admission to Medical Courses.

Time is important! Do not waste, but invest!

15th May – 15th Aug 2017 (2nd Batch)


Medical science is a fast changing field. In fact, the whole concept of diagnosing and treating a patient is being modified rapidly. In the 20th century great changes took place as a result of experiments and developments in a broad range of human activities, in economics, politics, and science especially in medical science. Tremendous human energy was directed into material development. However the closing years of the century saw a wide spread growth of awareness that material progress alone was insufficient. Advances in science continue to reveal to us the fascinating beauty of God’s creations-be it a small grain of salt or a huge and distant star.

For many people in the rural areas or remote regions of the India, health facilities are inaccessible and beyond means. The cost of staying alive pushes one quarter of Indians below poverty line. Those who require hospitalization are perennially repaying debts. In fact, rural indebtedness caused by illness is far greater than that caused by crop failure. Developing and maintaining sustainable health care delivery for people in the poorest countries is indeed a challenge. There is an urgent need to provide access to affordable healthcare in a sustainable manner. This should be based on an underlying strategy of preventive & promotive health care rather than only curative medical care if we are to improve India’s health indicators.

There exists a sharp disconnect between urban and rural healthcare in India. If we continue to ignore this deepening divide, we run the risk of destabilizing our socio-economic fabric. The time has come to provide basic health care to our underprivileged people. Accessibility and affordability need to be the integral to this mission and any low cost health training will ensure rural Indians a better quality of life. In this context, Department of Community Medicine , GMERS Medical College, Valsad in collaboration with Peoples Health and Development (PHD) trust, a registered charitable trust working in the field of health and development since last 14 years wants to start training of tribal students o f Valsad district with support of Tribal Welfare Department in such a way so that the students will be confident when they start actual training for being a doctor and also they will be motivated from beginning to work for deserving community.

A collaborative effort of

  • People’s Health and Development Trust, Ahmedabad.
  • HUMAN Health Circle, Ahmedabad.
  • Health Forum, Gujarat
It will be useful for students seeking admission to any of the course as below.
Lab technicianOther paramedics


Contribution :

It is free for all students for digital education.

For advance learning & contact sessions contribution is  Rs 8000/ only.


The programme includes following subjects in dual language ( Gujarati & English )
AnatomyEpidemiologyIntroduction to Medical Sciences
PhysiologyIT in MedicineLearning techniques
BiochemistryResearchHUMAN Health Care : integration
Home remediesEnglishStatistics
Personality DevelopmentLiterature searchSpecialization in different fields
Guidance for carrierMental HealthScholarship schemes

For registration & further details -

People’s Health & Development Trust

19 Kalash Complex, Near Shreyas crossing, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007, Gujarat (India)

Website www.phdtrust.org , Email: phdtrustforhealth@gmail.com

Contact: 7574813972, 9909968495